When it comes to insurance policies,and trying to find the best rate for you, the same plan may not work in a different situation.  That’s true in the insurance game, and that’s true in life, too.

Take something Floridians know and love and are pretty famous for—football.  It’s safe to say that whether you chant “Go Gators,” are stoked for the Seminoles, howl for the Hurricanes, or take your love of the game to the NFL level and cheer “Hey, hey, Tampa Bay” or sing “Miami Dolphins Number One,” you know that some players and strategies do better in certain kinds of weather than others.  For example, having a pass-first offense like Dan Marino and his high-flying Miami Dolphins?  That’s something that works well in warm weather Miami, but as history has shown, pass offenses have a way of getting snowed in against tough defenses in snowy weather.

The lesson to take away here?

When drawing up your game plan for going on a website and finding the best insurance rates Florida has to offer, one factor you can’t afford to overlook is what part of Florida you live in.  The North of the state has different needs from the South.  There terrain is different, the weather is somewhat different, and the culture’s certainly different.  As such, your level of liability is likely to be different, and with the exception of hurricanes—which truly is a state-wide liability factor—the things that are most likely to create liability for you are likely to be different as well.

If you live in the Panhandle or greater Northern Portion of the state, for instance, chances are you’re going to want to take care to insure yourself against hazards specific to that region.  Specific, targeted insurance policies can be costly, so you want to be sure they apply to you.  In the North, if you live in an agrarian area, insuring your livestock may be more important to have as part of a greater insurance policy than if you live in the South.  By contrast, if you live in the inland portion of the North, chances are you’re less likely to need sea or ocean-specific insurance policies than if you live in the South.  What’s more, boating insurance may be more applicable to those who live near the booming port cities in the South.

All of this is designed to help you gain the best insurance rates possible.  If you go in for a plan that you don’t need, your rate may exceed what is truly necessary.  On the other hand, if you’re caught without coverage you really need and sustain losses, your rates in the future may likewise go up.

All in all, to ensure the best insurance rates Florida has to offer, you’re going to want to first get a sense of where you are, and what your region-specific needs are.  This will allow you to draw up a winning game plan and get you on the path to real, affordable insurance solutions.